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18 Years...18 Years

Thursday, March 23rd
A loyal 97.7 listener wonders aloud if "Frank's" dilemma is worth getting a divorce over.

Apologize For What?!?

Thursday, March 23rd
A loyal 97.7 listener says that women are better at cheating and that apologies are useless if the woman has a plan!

This One Hits Home For Me..

Thursday, March 23rd
A great 97.7 listener explains that "Frank's" dilemma has something in common with what he has gone through. Kesha believes that time is being wasted, while...

The Best Way To Control The Remote

Thursday, March 23rd
Kesha talks about the sacrifice she made to stay up later in the night to watch TV with her husband. After her brave attempt, KJ offers a solution to help...

You Can't Unsee Aretha

Thursday, March 23rd
The Morning Wake Up is discussing a record that was broken by Nikki Manaj. KJ is reminded of Aretha's dress at the Clinton Inauguration Ball.

Penny Candy Meets Inflation

Wednesday, March 22nd
Kesha wonders aloud what happened to penny candy, KJ reminds Kesha about the ecomomies of scale..and paying it forward!