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Don't End Up In Summer School Like KJ!

Friday, April 28th
A loyal 97.7 listener weighs in on the song that makes her get up and dance. She shares that her kids love the station as well and that they won't end up in...

Got Em Dancing In Harvard Square!

Friday, April 28th
KJ and Kesha are discussing the songs that make you get up and dance. A new listener to 97.7 tells of a story when he played the station and sitting at a light...

Spelling Out Loud Is Hard!

Friday, April 28th
After KJ jokes Kesha about possibly going to Saturday School as a kid, KJ mispells an easy word. It goes all down hill from there!

Be Careful With That Prayer Request!

Thursday, April 27th
KJ is telling Kesha about the joys of Bitmoji. As KJ mentions that he makes his wife laugh with his Bitmojis, Kesha announces that she prays for KJ's wife. KJ...

Sleeping On The Job

Thursday, April 27th
As KJ mentions a study on how to take effective work breaks, Kesha offers up a solution that will get you fired!

Vanity 3-6-0

Thursday, April 27th
After playing The Commodores "Brick House" KJ asks Kesha about her memories of the song. The answer is shocking to nobody!