You Can't Use That On Children!

Tuesday, April 18th


KJ is anxiously excited to see his wife and daughter for the first time in months. KJ asks Lori Grande from News/Traffic some recomendations on how to get a 5 year to go sleep as KJ tries to secure some adult time during their trip!

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Some momentum in the morning wakeup what's Casey teacher pouring rain the accurate place. I'm happy to get it okay so I had not seen my wife and my youngest daughter physically. Since February 2. Yes and so they'll be here Wednesday. So there come and visit me I haven't seen him in reference shelf could. I'll know I know all the restaurants we go to I think organs aquarium but here's my dilemma. How to I get a five year old go to sleep when a couple of forty year olds are ready to hang out. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. And I don't use anything. I. No I can't do the liquor inside of the apple geez I can't do when you don't have to you know do a better. Ryder ragged it is it taking everything take icing the ducks over at a note the public garden. Right and and keep hampered though I'll have done Newbury Street so fun is great shots there just yet heard the so tired that she's just recently and honestly the average you know that is going to do my wife. I. 977 has everybody talking on the morning wakeup weather KJ and he should. Day one and six of ten on Boston's number one priority.