Why Yes...I Work Owwwt!

Monday, March 20th


While discussing creative 1st dates for Spring, KJ gives a reason why working out together is a great idea. 

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It's a moment of the morning wakeup what's Casey teacher. You know people have been telling me don't worry about the other pole winner and so forth and so on its spring here in Boston the most beautiful weather ever and I'm still looking forward to it. It is gorgeous that's for sure and since spring is here there are some first date ideas we've been discussing. Archie should mention that her and her husband the first met together when they first met they volunteered together fed the homeless at Honda composer and allowed each other and see how much they care what you guys been together for thirteen years I've worked. A little bit longer than that we've been together have been married for thirteen years but he's a good suit TV is good news. The second one is tipped the farmers more market cheap with a diet looks like ranked. Plus it's a nice way to can make that homey pizza guide you you know you you've been wanting to make. The third wind is go running or jogging or work out together. And is why this is important. You got to build stamina something. 74812 in front of me. Well Randy had traffic Laurie Lee did not encourage you and don't plan on Hussein if he can get through three weeks across street. Just how big greatest moments on the podcast. 77 are pretty dark the.