Who Still Drinks Champale?!?

Friday, March 17th


A 97.7 listeners reveals the song that invokes memories of his first love/kiss. Kesha admonishes KJ after he is inspired by the Champale themed love song!

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Some momentum in the morning wakeup what's Casey teacher. I see chewing some foundational and everything. You're not giving a second thought because today you know they were everywhere and irony and it's just applying limit Tom don't read into it can avoid drinking now. So we're talking about the different love songs that remind you your first love were first kiss yeah. I argue Henri you're not because it. And bust out the champ bail me and I'll spotlight. And I'm gonna. I barely got. I always look into the end and we surely mean. Talk to these. Yeah we time together. About six weeks ago hey listen I'm here to be so I think they need me. You listen to Saint Patrick's Day. Had an hour man. It's not even funny but Billy couldn't make me hit real violent in the year was just how big greatest moments on the podcast. Are pretty dark.