Ut Oh..Better Get Makeover

Thursday, July 13th


A regualr 97.7 listener suggests that Maya change up her look if she really wants that money!

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Some mornings I wake up what's yeah. I got myself a bit of a dilemma and couple weeks ago might as co worker that was in the no older that my husband was up for bonus of around 50000 dollars in June. My his coworker also said that there was a concern about her hair styles especially being in front of future behind us and and you might think human dance and act. 151000. In mice had her dredged for five years in and MI is warning if you cut off her hair and so that we she didn't get that much. If you knew that she's pretty close to six when a student can vote 977. Hi good morning I'm. Yeah me what do you think it. I'm pretty big guy Greg Brady Brady that he had an animal world hello thank you. Those and what do you think bias should do about her hair dilemma get a make over. So that's the thing like hey look it's fifty grand on the table. You're the best thing so much for the call we appreciated you say and we larger. Our door going being being being so I'm assuming you're driving knoller she's a winner and and Hank. I knew that he 77 has everybody talking on the morning wakeup weather KJ yankees' yeah. Today morning six of ten on Boston's number one priority.