The Usher Conspiracy Theory

Wednesday, August 9th


Kesha discusses the on-going saga with Usher. KJ offers a conspiracy theory that could be at play with the story.

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Some of the morning wake up its case yeah. Yesterday and the got off of war when we left the radio station. Lady by the name of quanta Asian Sharpton and eight. Press conference fantasia cousins we. Not exact fourth remove Kwan her along with her high powered attorney Lisa bloom again maybe had this press conference. Partition Sharpton is a legend's point he's a shark turned and get more rich than net. She is suing pressure. Passes it lawsuit against action. For fraud sexual battery and infliction of emotional distress alleging that he was positive for herpes and gave no advance. Warning as she engaged in relations with this news. Now the Internet was being so savage regarding miss on patient because she's lost sides. And it just irked me to my very core because folks need to realize that plus sized women can get down to dig a hole and ushered through I mean seriously. I highway just I'm just confused though Chris that the woman is saying that she does not. Have you know herpes. But yet still she still win. Just for being exposed to so you want me to my conspiracy hit it had on I really don't but go ahead and you don't. What if she's not really the woman but she's just the face of the woman's. That makes it's like for example you can actually tweet something and not actually for police say. I don't know paging and then that the story is this country's may get 20% off and if they pick girls it's fascinating Lori because. She doesn't have any disease but yet still. I guess her lawyer thinks that she still has ground to sue. Point out Asia doesn't have the disease but maybe who she's speaking four does it speak of herself maybe not with her lawsuit against usher. Well it's funny if I I think that the fact that she's plus size means Larry and it's had nothing to do with the whole thing you know just the fact that it was the whole story was the herpes thing but like you said she she doesn't have it but. Just the possibility of and whatever else he had maybe he had a cold that day whatever I'm not a stick myself elk all night but and I are we really breaking us down a simplex is you know I think that. 977 has everybody talking on the morning wakeup weather KJ yankees' yeah. Game one and six children on Boston's number one priority.