Too Much Cowboy!

Tuesday, October 10th


A listener identifies one of the Top 5 groups in Ranker's Top Funk Bands and Artist list. When she tries to guess another group, she learns that her second guess wasn't even close!

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We'll miss a moment of the morning wakeup what's KG each. If you already have someone identified. One of the top five best phone beings are artist of all time commitment George Clinton Parliament Funkadelic go to the one big. Umbrella mushrooms up. 6175620977. Source of your favorites and to see if they've shortened the top spot this. Why it yeah. All right well I'm not on the market Gallagher I think that was about it like probably double blind. And isn't it it's probably don't help but it. Ohio lawyers. John. And this is yet. Yeah made I've read Jack yeah. Players are in the top and I hope yes ma'am you don't know. It was just a little bit to what. They get put to its outlook on the ball but they were nice to. I knew that he 77 has everybody talking on the morning wake up with a KJ indication. Game one and six of ten on Boston's number one priority.