Stung By The Behive!

Tuesday, September 12th


To celebrate Beyonce's Bday, we asked listeners if they could identify her Top 3 songs according to women on Ranker. This one gets stung!

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Miss a moment of the morning wakeup what case each episode yesterday it was bound nowadays. We'd be day. For beta. In beyond that and 36 and he's put in a lot of 26 year old mystery and that then we're okay I'll I won't sound like such a free. Thought riker asked women. What is the best face on the all time meaning in the in the top 36175620977. Who's this. Our idea anchor as women. We're the best beyoncé songs of all I'm that you need all three or want. Reagan dread I like that that's. And Andre has great song not memory. But it provides up there you know bush I'd. And little black dress on her own at all are on rye that he just go Kart. 977 has everybody talking on the morning wakeup was carried into each weekday morning six Boston's number one par and he.