She'll End Up On a Video Brawl SIte!

Wednesday, August 9th


One listener warns Lauren about what may happen if she shows up to Mike's wedding!

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Some mornings I wake up what JJJ. Florida has him feeling herself she admits that she has a male friend named Mike. Who's getting married for the second time in his life. Mike in fact was introduced to his bride to be by a more. Why and so finds out that hey wait invitations are going out and she hasn't received one so worn ask Mike what was up. Mike citi's beyoncé did trust Lauren and things that weren't still has some type of the newest form. And more than that that's actually true. Don't want fishing needs to be that way I should he handle it. They went 75620977. Morning. Good morning how are you. Yeah actually what do you think it'll Lawrence dilemma. How much I have there it'll. What would be need because I would go out jail and should somebody right. I'd let you go. You gotta gotta gotta let it at all because you know how. Alcohol business that. It almost beyond. You know I'm you know how about beer well yeah larvae real man does he got an up on that hip hop world stock into. Let me have the first days after a lot Richard together quite get back. On it you know when the pastor says. If there's anyone here who does not approve of this marriage gone are speaking now offer at all you. The hard way that. I got a bar would you just talk about. I don't know. Maybe just wanna be right sometimes you just wanna be right. In their mind. This is from Anthony gantry senior on FaceBook he says she better not show up on what she wants her and walked. Believe that man alone. Alone well. LO well. If I beat out on the I can't say of old. Glory for the Atlanta mourned a. And knew that he 77 has everybody talking on the morning wakeup was KJ he should. Good morning six of ten on Boston's number one foreign duty.