Rin and Tin-The Girl Is Mine!

Wednesday, August 9th


One caller channels her inner movie reference and connects Brown Sugar to the caller's dilemma...nicely!

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Some mornings I wake up what JJJ. The last on might be love invite insights because Lauren doesn't get why her friend Mike. All lives is getting married for the second time in fact more and introduce Mike to his fiancee. And then turns out that Lori saw that other people were getting invitations to the wedding she hasn't received one. So she asked Mike why herself Mike said his fiancee doesn't trust Warren and think towards the last time some type of feelings. And warrants as you know she's actually right and he's the -- that winning 6175620977. Business. I'm not playing all right Lynn what do you think you should she goes it's all about what he's been out any of our back. That is not romantic comedy friends and had everybody all. Liked that answer. I'm. Big dog. And oh yeah and so bad you maintenance site. You getting married. Her about her party and hold and see that walk away. I mean clearly he's deciding what is beyond the united right there association doesn't cut it losses and arms or somebody batter who deserve better. Big world out. Any issues seek unarmed. Area especially in the Boston area you guys hear I hear nothing but thank you so much land it and thank you for putting a browser reference in there to do for the fun. I have a duel. At Yankee. Betty 77 has everybody talking on the morning wake up with a KJ TV show. Day morning sixty you know Boston's number one priority.