Red Rover Red Rover, Who's Coming Over?!?

Wednesday, July 12th


A set of 97.7 listeners call and give their thoughts on "Paula's" dilemma. One caller thinks the children's father is doing more snooping than fathering!

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It's a moment of the morning wakeup what's Casey teacher. While scared of what may have been in the two men bonded together and she wants to know how to handle this 61756209772. Mornings and. All of our heart enabling the man who Molinaro should have a only mention that we're on our. What yeah that's not a bad idea like it's almost like he feels like he could come by a couple days maybe as like a roving patrol and they had seen exactly enjoy enabling him to not well Paula. Well thank you so much for your call man makes a lot of sense now he's 772 morning what are your thoughts. I'd gotten tired number wise that it did Albert Evans saying you are the parenting agreement. Don't bother them somewhere about a stable environment for children in the end nobody after the edit them there I'm pregnant vivid Asian. Out of Bob and edit it up a lot and I got it it appears they're doing their own thing and that they would somebody else. I'm gonna be a problem and you over the eight. Well and tell me that it happened around the edge and you know that the relationship with more experience. Don't know man man come into your home until there. Thank you so much for breaking it down and having bullet point oh. And 977 has everybody talking on the morning wakeup it was OK to teach. Morning six and on Boston's number one priority.