That Red Cup Funk!

Tuesday, October 10th


KJ and Kesha are discussing Ranker's Top Funk Bands and Artists list. A caller is shocked to find out that this artist did not make the Top 5!

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It's a moment of the morning wake up with Casey teacher you know that we do is when I'm playing good you can tomorrow. But you're not doing laundry I get all of my laundry yesterday Pope praised your car was down to my last here and go oh my goodness and I was like I go to London. 6175620977. According to record these are some of the greatest. Bald. Artists. Bands of all time by boaters. Who's this. Are you. Mortgage he's not sure are really in here to I don't know if you're helping communities that. Probably the OK keep pushing you'll lap band it might in in the war our remarks though we've heard. It Clayton in the whole enterprise Parliament Funkadelic bark Kaczur India for its maiden the Ohio players that. It is. The top five. You know the ball. I. I. Hate cage ain't it. It's. And may be a great artist made the top ten but not the bond ball. Our. Men they have one great weekend. Aren't you consider. It yeah. 977 has everybody talking on the morning wakeup was KJ yankees should. Good morning six to ten on Boston's number one priority.