Paying For Grades (Pt.1)

Thursday, May 18th


As KJ is discussing the success of his college aged daughter's 3.0, he reveals a vision he had 10 years ago..and believes he has to pay up now!

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Miss a moment of the morning I wake up what Kasey teach our key should do you believe in manifestation. Envisions. OK I figured he would. So. Maybe ten years ago I had a vision that my daughter calls from college. And ask for me to put 300 dollars and her now. I see no problem. So here we are ten years later my daughter just got to 30. This past semester I think collective third semester and well. So I saved well a Ghana what do you want because I'm not a big believer in paper grades it's almost kind of like that's your that's your own currency. She says thirty dollars. And I'm thinking oh my him. I think at 300 number have to come up to like go with what I saw on the vision ten years ago and give that you were now healed it everything else division comes true. Bordeaux I give us thirty dollars like you. You may want to be to do it moved. That and then I mean I'm just betting on who stayed through I need help. Yeah did you get the world what your 400 bucks why not. 977 has everybody talking on the morning wakeup what's KG each weekday morning six Boston's number one priority.