Ooo La La..

Tuesday, September 12th


One caller brings up a popular brand of jeans from the 80's. KJ and Kesha get carried away when they go into song over a brand of jeans back in the day!

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Miss a moment of the morning wakeup what's KG each there were taken aback at the old school for the eighties some of the fashions they're usually rock. The start school so my obsession don't laugh was the guest Jean jacket. Oh yes sir yes Jean jacket biggest home put in the washing machine to the global bleach on a little rubber band around it on my goodness. And then gets spanked by mommy I don't let out of those that Jackie everything's been underdogs Harvard didn't want your boards. 6175620977. Address it. Cut. Right right had only next related back to school time it's the eighty's what's the style the flavor you're rocket. Gloria Vanderbilt. Lacked in June all all. I have a. Had a glad to see you walk by two it. Good advantage. What about the anywhere right and I got a prayer but our mission privilege and try to Chela all to try to take him at civilized. Oh yeah and I don't I don't friends anymore at all. 100 transfer is okay good. That's that's well we appreciate your contribution. No problem all right do but I will you know what the law would Gloria Vanderbilt gee you think about poor not a lot SaaS at all. I didn't have a bigger than my whole. But that's a good good. 977 has everybody talking on the morning wakeup weather KJ he should weekday morning six Boston's number one priority.