No Taking Shorts..

Monday, April 17th


KJ tells Kesha the story of what happened when he got to the gym and discovered he had no shorts!

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Some momentum in the morning wakeup what's JJ GG for got to take them have an embarrassment to me yesterday. So I go to the gym have a pretty religious about going to the gym maybe 34 days a week. Get to the gym yesterday over my bag I secured winds through shirts three shirts no shorts. Walk right back to to counter the girls like you don't want to work not already I was like. I forgot my source. So Victor my menus like look you can work got injured Jeanne felt like I can get like no range of motion or your underwear. Elevate been a very interesting visual that the real easy way to give up your membership and still have the monthly charge happenings. Every month. ID 77 has everybody talking on the morning wake up with a KJK Asia week day morning six Boston's number one priority.