Ne-Yo With The Morning Wake Up

Wednesday, July 12th



Ne-Yo stopped by The Morning Wake Up where he discusses everything from his NBC TV show to whether or not he actually kissed Rihanna!


This should look continues to roll. This is complete the I don't know the accolades are enough to explain how big our guest here is on the morning wake up 77 is now. And on noon hour. And you do a little bit mental. CN. Away from the candy is in and not saying it's just do. Yeah you know so would you show on NBC part of the reason why he's standing chief part of it because the truest thing in the world that the television has since sounded definitely. I felt bad mood and lead us into the anywhere near a TV just. Cut it out model and now seriously looks fantastic and I can you must be feeling good sale because so great. That's an agreement did shows don't well oiled and dance everybody low and is that everybody watching every week getting old. Destination TV is kind of a thing of the past which is you know everybody's dvi and everything would actually. To remain at 10 o'clock on Tuesday so that's a good thing thank you everybody for that. I jails grade air cover his grades in in the wants say it was Graham mama mama like O'Neill is carried out hot. Yeah. Just an hour and arms. Where might I add got to give Michelle does not know. Hey congratulations on a group. Great single I know and love song yes and sealing go like the early these. The dance floor is kind of like get the girl and on the floor and Diaz who yeah definitely I love the viva the songs that tell us a little bit about how you delved into that classic sound murdered today well first off thank you for saying that because it is does the oddest thing and a well I don't know winning. Went out of style remained to dance with women. Like it literally doesn't have a name Larry I didn't go to close them because I don't want to just stand around and be stared at because as Lilly that was that happy goal he Dresser real nice systemic how to steer people laugh. Exactly thanks Nelson doesn't land drinks and paid emerging Eilat Israel flags you you don't imaging business to business for tea so this song is is basically about. Just a feel good man that's what it is just feeling good. Is of temple summertime records when I was on his way he'd China and on China radio Buehrle won a lot of lead out and ask what does join us we'll begin the rules and yeah US and early ninety's I said LA and I don't. Yeah where do you mean you got out of med grow again on these are absolutely nearly do you have written for everybody from. Celine Dion Zune lack. Cassette Michelle I mean do you prefer right person is performing a quorum vice Versa to be honest with you on the right riding in my first love you know allows the right before any it is meal stuff happens on that now will always be. But there's definitely something be said about you know perform in front of people that that appreciate. The music can you know give you that image Ebanks he can return in enough holiday that whole chancellors and energy you can't get this in in the studio dependent handing him. No solace so it's kind of I don't talk to choose I mean if I had I just had to choose to probably be writing because I imagine I can do their little longer economic 89 points on your own life so fast you know. So silly I. You know 880 Mac front still comes out now. I just don't know about you know China whose days and cannot drive and I can't get back on though he didn't write the biggest 187 song two guys in relationships irreplaceable hometown guess so yeah gas sold and what's the vibe that you got from guys when they found as I mean you wrote that. All all do is hate me. Gang guys say knee flaring get a call until I got that say if it's they would grandson sorry to me how does he do that I love that song for the reasons for this reason particularly in what turned into verses what was supposed to meet you because this is a true story is a sorry about I had an open house my mother my sister. My grandmother and five blocks away how does exist black rounds I had a one particular odd that. Nobody was rich but she have more money than anybody else or I give my if I got to knowledge she got five rises result. She always had new friend make every couple months it was a new build comes due to house a mile man it's estimated. Even though you're does that so. I remember that day that she broke that would descend to this particular new nursing bottom low car and Sinai he was wrong around town in their car with somebody else will. So I remember him commented as a day he didn't let him rub things in kind of wash carts and Texas not an easy. And then do an and I remember him in a bag that may blow what other negative this is all its adolescence. Yet and it box it to left and Claudia Solio suffered debt. Around and revenue that remembers and radio listening to when they'll laugh and it does do does he walked out to house suddenly shoot outside somebody teach US huge youth youth you don't want lost and the ball as he was that was one and oh so during the wrote the song. I mislead Chad slipping they make it about you know a woman doing me wrong ray but what I'll irony is that a man can't sing I can have a nanny and a minute man affection of the enemy. Here a us. And BRI would is female fans and ain't got him arrested trying to do that yeah oh yeah. I never did that that's a however you take those same words that same scenario you flip you put American woman becomes apparent self. The song was initially supposed to be just kind of a fun record for myself realizable in the works for me. Passage Johnson it's a queen demand. There Lal and the rest is history to be speaking of which. How do you feel about. The current state of aren't being now let's let's take you out of the equation because we know that that you you know have. Graced our our souls for so long and I pretty much you US a savior alibi you know what I'm saying but. Generally speaking how do you feel about the scars data aren't B com. I mean I'm Obama be honest I never got to see the dated the word bitch if I may say that is being into sang. Yeah I mean that's crazy though aren't we won't from a school that compromise dobbs. I was born 79 so do ninety's it was my high school year current and back Daniel was it was. Katz was still kind of being in beta please who still an editor Lucy Holmgren yeah yeah. I don't see was the strongest army whoever is that. OK bush showing little wooden masks and sudden my do you believe in love. How bad America like it was right to be a thug but still no global as meg in nowadays. Is this literally I'm not only gonna degrade you promising to you as the great that's crazy and your sister beside me that. I know that there is a rule for all and this is necessary we needed all you need to bass substance appreciate it that's a friendly disk. Back in it was a little more diversity was a little more option now team even arm Leeson is wannabe rappers in the nine or just crazy alien yeah. You can if you can't if you are seeing are you go raps who go forward break that you know Drake singer lauryn hill's non ending they help make dead things turn in his coal mine mad at it however. Army musical source V four. And let's just keep not a literal army women as it is army music is space to sing to win four. Women whom 200 bucks to big up women that's what is was always will be about it don't seem like it's about that now. But this saga because I'm gonna still do with the way that I came of that and learn voice in me losing Jody see Larry so seizure eyes and I'll tell us. So I'm still do the weighted they'd. And if that makes me all I I'm glad we lol yeah but I'll be old and and my momma he had to impose things that's how much are. We're all what is leather jacket to the left as well there you go. Hey OK okay see I mean not any don't know I mean seven in 977. I want you to slide one of those numbers to meet any corresponds to a question here that you have to answer prepared our past so Lance. Okay I really don't go to now we just number nine both realize that we are nines and your I was at number nine RE have you ever senate DM to a non celebrity yes. All day all yes sorry I haven't. Find out a little. Yeah. You want to share a little bit yeah. I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm married man's eyes slab and nobody Indians and all of that now and yet none of them like OK I do some ideas. Like I medium not a time US news sandy birthday Oro whatever the case can be so it was like it was an there. Shows the ghosts there it was a 9 am not a CA eight hour travel the IRA even that even the seven or the points have it done. The seven on the point seven how to even work on the go with the red listen the regular seven. Times and you change your cell phone number called dot com. I currently changed my average Jane a cell phone number almost every. Its last six months you're really shooting a good Digg is mad sometimes especially now mom back on TV not a bad hair I Elijah. Danielle you I'm got. Seen all ever reason people we will find my number and called me and let as soon as decides it. It is neo yeses it's now okay I tangent here so if it's every six months in when you see where would you say you had to start doing. A long 810 years ago roughly yeah so that's about fifty times so I don't want to own something many like that yeah. Are you ready numbers that dads or are you ready present point seven across some scary is point seven. Seven is dawn but let's let's say all right neo has pushed across the point seven are all right JJ. Is it true. They human Rihanna kissed on the set of hate that I'm looking at. It just office. Absolutely I thought I believe I'm a man I Rihanna Rihanna investors must system. Okay analysis and I actually PC you know any strange because like I lost I watch all my friends last slower and I'll actually lending arm and I'm man Mia I admit memory now when he early drought like Schwarzenegger lets agree on yeah see my means 1516 right romantic very so I instantly came in on the Big Brother role without rise Solso we haven't conversations about you know into this stuff for whatever you write when I'm done talking to a sit back and get the wars in Iraq from our two records right and like we kind of just. Became a kind of became brother sister from their life to the point where. I've definitely seen her in identifier reckon Nasr is beautiful woman but I don't look at her way everybody else does guys it's a different relationship it. Oh can I ask one last question to go north the flash no rain is these are assets three. Three baby well a five Toyota Citroen winner. Soledad doesn't cancel against his original music on her aunt pin. How does father blew it. Change Q has it changed me. While I'll always trying to. Pride myself on being able to do the kind of music that everybody can listen media fourteen boy and so you can't promise a full match. Had a key is just Mason just kind of put magnifying glass on you know because you know 56. And colorful Fuller wars they will repeat them. They will repeat and they're like lunges during the run around how singing them yells yeah. He's just like your name is for when I'm like yeah yeah feels like there was outside my back out after a half but yes us and now is this you know definitely being careful about you know the what words I choose and the example that I showed him because again at Dade Dade and learn about what they see. And you know so it's always about. Make sure that I'm that I'm setting the right example for Memphis which is not always easy because you know on the other side are the same token I'm 37 year old man tomorrow so I'm talking about our stuff. But just I guess I'm leaving in the hands of parents do you you decide which would songs. The littlest definition listen to it got it. A mom ran up and that's that's what it is while at the same time I'm never gonna go too far to where site own knowledge we can play a Wii I'm never gonna go right. I run. Well I tell you are such a blessing thank you I you know and generally I try to maintain try not to cry and I'm glad. EUR you are truly truly a blessing and we thank you for giving so much of your cells to. Good luck to you. And here. I'm sure. Okay and ask you this is a lot of thought and absolutely announcing your way nicely when we review the other ones do you wanna step all the as well gala. Is anyone ever butchered when your songs and if so who I am a bit. Declares it just goes hey I get the water he's got to have dads and I don't know I'm risks aren't. I can't answer that yes OJ and the other on what's the most money you spent on a first team points first date moved. First day. Don't have to be the exact number one and I remember I remember gazette and a look at the bill let them. They was 20000 pounds. Again it's funny man I was very very much trying to impress I see yeah that doesn't. It'll be you know get his brother in triple. See now she's my wife NASA does well. Always does that no none Donahue and malaria and embraced go away it's their country. Parents could OK LA Orlando Dana do you know much and you you that we love you and appreciate it really out there on June another love song is a single this out right now go get it everywhere it's in game music. Makes eject male world of dance every Tuesday NBC. And Yemen protect them such a social media too oh absolutely soda Twitter is a neo compound for everybody is so that's what I students put out like a like words and IG is is at neo as it's not set Billy neo 1979 is snaps yet. About his make them on the same thing you know Lincoln's seat would probably easier. To keep his Italy lays to leave men out. Yeah yeah and you guys kind of went from Ireland so apparently it. And he means that he and out of there and not enthusiasts will tour is an annual compound ideas Danielle snatch at his knee on 97. FaceBook is need. FaceBook grasslands nearly and I didn't do you word I'm around are knowledgeable. Cool things would allow that Spain June has great all right our right.