Lee, Lee, Lee,....Lee?!?

Tuesday, October 10th


Kesha wonders aloud about the possibility of Rush Hour 4!

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It's a moment of the morning wakeup what's KG each tirade another episode of yea your day. Okay rush hour four. With Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. Maybe. And I tell you why in a minute. I'm gonna go with the good old days of the vote. Yeah okay and well here's the thing you know I'm learning about. How how this war theme and so apparently it's been ten years since Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker joining forces to do a rush hour we'll be right and I guess there are folks who write the script and they you know. This what I liked this baby have refused a couple of the Scripps dec teaching an interest of right. So Jackie Chan has already said yes absolutely I'll do certain there waiting on Chris soccer to say yea or nay or else they let. Yeah. So wait what do you think. Rush hour would be with just Jackie Chan. Well. The bullets are gonna come down to acts that. The ex athlete you crazy bin anyway it'll come down to scheduling constraints. Are apparently it's not about the money as a -- Jackie Chan so we'll we will find out active. Could do with if both of them where in the movie. He gets like thirty million for the and with fixes and man who watched bits. People of like Kevin Jackson 5 or you don't want to help my guys. 977 has everybody talking on the morning wakeup weather KJ yankees' yeah. Game one and six of ten on Boston's number one priority.