I've Been In Her Shoes

Wednesday, July 12th


A new caller to 97.7 tells of how she has gone through the same dilemma that "Paula" is going through. She shows Paula the road map to success and how to maintain peace in the home!

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Some mornings I wake up what's yeah. Just get into the trees and hearing about. Policy dilemma as you're driving in years of recession. Paul is this guy at her job and great guy policy as he would be the best person she's ever been involved. Here's the thing Paul has two kids with a guy. Who stays at the house two to three days a week kind of cold. And the children's fathers got suspicious Paul announced any family time when he comes by because it actually is Paula chance to go see the guy. From her job. Paula says neither guy knows about each other but the guy at work once the come by and integrate himself older more DePaul children and Paul little bit scared of what may happen bit to each other her energy and it shouldn't drop. The children's father. Paula was how she should handle. Six on 7562 and a 7:7 good morning. I haven't been right at my house and I have mad bad and stay in my house. It certainly okay and I'm an area and that is very healthy yeah I I don't. That he didn't hit the appellate guys. It did so when your situation. We're you able tell your ex husband that you were seeing other people on how to detect. These are doing it sometimes. I yeah. Yeah that just sounds good and healthy and it's good my daughter and I can go back more importantly though urged area like how does the baby. I don't see. Yeah at their. I had a happy birthday kiss and she's a lucky lucky child to have such a wonderful. It's wonderful parents such as you when you're ads. Really happy that he got oh. That they partly. It worked Tara at my big and I don't. Quite right out. How does. It get me and my yes. 977 has everybody talking on the morning wake up with the KJ yankees' yeah. Day morning six of ten on Boston's number one priority.