It Ain't No Fun If The Kids Can't Have None

Thursday, May 18th


A loyal 97.7 listener gives advice to listener Sharon about her dilemma. This compelling listener reveals her struggles being born to older parents.

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Some of the morning wakeup what's JJJ should probably a probably you probably five times this summer scorcher. High near 85 I get a tan today. Tell me how that works out. We're talking much Sharon. And Sharon has been of the lavish reached out to us. The FaceBook messenger and she's married to an older guy her husband is 55 she's now 38 and Sharon and her husband had sought an insurance husband. This now wanting to have another child Sharon's not thrilled about it the reason is because Sharon has been taking care of hers on virtually by herself. She feels like the husbands just chart kind of checked out president but isn't as at June Jarrett husband also says that what he thinks that they should have another trial so that you'll be a support system in place. When they both get older and Sharon's husband says it's investing in the future that her husband cleans and it may be that Sharon should be thinking about the long term. Purses the short term of 61756209772. Morning. I think that I watched Aaron good effort and use it or get out or you know. I'm honey you're at all and I thought I bet you want. And I'd opt iron about 38 yourself. Yeah but aren't experienced ever as a girl and populist view extremely elderly parent and go with them. All. Out player and opt. Parent but Kara are all the art you'll appreciate it as a dollar and not allow one and then. That is very unique perspective and a lot this year. Yeah we actually I think issued an arrogant on an after thought at that matter. I I off. I had other oh is that all that it is not a man regarded as their parent or you know after Aaron. I've ever and it got out the banks aren't accurate and appreciates you going to symmetry they encourage. 977 has everybody talking on the morning wake up was KJ and he should. Day one and six of ten on Boston's number one foreign.