I'm Not My Hair-Natural

Thursday, July 13th


Maya has reached out to 97.7 regarding a decision she has to make about her hair or possibly miss out on a $15K bonus. A listener mentions an option after cutting her own hair.

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Some mornings I wake up what's JJJ. You can help Miami in she's got a dilemma couple weeks ago co worker person girlfriend. Told that she was in the know MMI was overblown so around 151000. And optimize coworker also said it was a concern. By the upper office in about her hair style especially being in front of future clients. My eyes thinking that's 151000. Mice had a drilled five years and she's wondering why should she cut her hair. For the money and 61756209772. Morning. Amara. Aren't yet but no rain is. Mean and I kind of got my without the media guide we don't want and how are taken out well at. And now it at a good deal when the government paid your outlook over here on ahead at all we don't weigh in ideas that actually deployed to Iraq and I think. And it's five weeks take huge. It's a bye week every week at about eight and locked at 10 o'clock at Atlanta like ala what I had a good. A lot of I have it right I. And Bob Wright and my eyes at hers for five years did actually and from I don't know how big art and I aren't a lot like us. Media. I am a little tiny tiny light hits it mentioned you know I. Take a little bit what did an art I. You can call outs. 977 has everybody talking on the morning wake up with KJ yankees should. Good morning six to ten on Boston's number one priority.