I'm Ma-lone..and Single!

Monday, April 17th


KJ tries to backpedal when Kesha press him about discussing Afternoon Drive Personality Chris Malone(and Single). KJ reveals that he can re-live his youth through Chris!

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Miss a moment of the morning wake up what Kasey teacher. It's all about the dogs I have heard from one Pudong new Rashad didn't hear you killed my transition because I was gonna try and celebrate. Chris Malone are afternoon drive guy what are actually you single he singled you just come out of atomic dog in. I didn't put OK that's your fall are shut up now but no don't don't just saying. He is he's really fortunate when you get to move to a new city you're single. So yeah. I just say. I read I am today. Three to seventy single I mean think about that you come with all this great music. I think about if he has a taste for older women. This is the musical if he hesitates for women who have class and will be young you know he wants to bring attention to the fact that he single now you've really messing up his game plan. Thank you need to mind your good enough to hang out with a quick and sometimes. They do you single I know I'm not so I have to live vicariously you somebody but the 977 has everybody talking on the morning wake up when KJ yankees should. Day morning sixty dead on Boston's number one priority.