If It Wasn't For Me...

Wednesday, August 9th


One caller points out that Lauren SHOULD be able to go Mike's wedding. Her point is a valid one!

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Miss a moment of the morning wakeup what's. What changes did you. It anymore they being. Brown bats back Stacy and Larry. And I think I made maybe only one who feels this way. But I think. You go to that wedding I think is that I don't. You go to the wedding because it wasn't for her there would be you know wedding I think you'd be alert I didn't. To go I think it go and I think DR. BI and say oh at the moon could be why do you. I think hey you need to be who would. Let's say. Tell me it's seemed to me like she's insecure like you're gonna call this dim to. We wanted to get beat here. Yeah whether your interest in him or not. I mean you've been that way occasion did. She says well I don't know anything he has feelings for him. Yeah but maybe it's not the crap I don't come on with the general consensus. Our listener calls today and I wanna say. All of girls. 977 has everybody talking on the morning wakeup weather KJ yankees' yeah. Day morning sixty day on Boston's number one priority.