Have You Tried It...Lori Grandeeee???

Tuesday, September 12th


As callers are going through their different 80's back to school fashions, Lori Grande (traffic) recalls her not so fashionista days of the 80's!

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Miss a moment of the morning wakeup what's Casey teacher and some of the fashions. Celebrating back to school in the eighties yes there are rain jacket technicolor members. Saying that dutrow. Today it is all okay. Not only a decade after all pay can. Right to take me several months. Due to be like you got antsy right underneath that back up their body. Raising of the original model for decades in 9772 morning. Good morning I got it. Some fashion for the wealthiest people for you a holy week and so we're gonna go out off with a cane goal pat yeah I don't what about whether it's metro hardly. Yeah that a the coach Bob glad today. Yes I Wear the glasses so I can sing yeah that's right do you think. You go to college. I'll does not leave until they put a paramedic create them as well. I. Yes above and felt so good he did did you get. That late this late today so I don't have Mike but he didn't bounce back in 1982 like don't I don't know. Yeah and then at the dance party this Saturday edits right I don't may dude yeah I just puts in their stronger than apparently seems. It's. Obvious I assume you're exactly no parking no point. My thank you so much about aggressiveness from head to tell you have a dale. YouTube great going down memory lane keep kids. You member of the four finger rings off Corus whose root for the gangsters but the the bowl lore so just below or. Powell. The Reebok the 58 became the 5411 birdies all the princesses brain Reebok princess. Windbreaker did you have a windbreaker with your name embroidered. Entered the pop better than that was that the triple fat goose. More agree that. All right in her costs and in her in her lips with her history of the supreme purse whispering. To think. He's like knock off of everything and it never had the real stuff. And have a Michael Whelan and shared. It doll and I think we're we're an open ocean Pacific shirts. Nightmare that. 977 has everybody talking on the morning wakeup was KJ yankees' yeah. Game one and six of ten on Boston's number one priority.