Don't Get Burnt Like A Smore!

Thursday, October 5th


One caller thinks Johnathan should see what's up with the new woman he met, while another caller believes he's heading the way of the curious cat!

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Some mornings I wake up when JJ. Jonathan's analyst Jonathan that's not his real name of this this. The name we've given him so that we can protect his ID and I sent us a message through FaceBook messenger and recently Jonathan Mann an amazing woman he cannot pick and about. Is thinking maybe this excitement of what's new vs what he knows what goes is that the as a girl. And they've been together for four years and they have a three year old daughter and Jonathan hasn't told anybody about the new guy. All the complete she's great and doesn't wanna leave his girl but he doesn't find out more about his new woman and I just want to note and this is wrong what do you think. Act he's not a problem I think that gay and lesbian adults and our. You know well well actually after you verses. Happening this morning and Eleanor dream but I think he should definite option that you know that I'm and Ronald our relationship. Perhaps they aren't they have a worry when Immelt called the woman and he'd actually interested in a lot out the most Google yet. Actually. General the thing is I don't think he's indicated that anything is wrong in this current relationship best what's bugging me out. Like it seems as if everything is is OK he's just got the. A case of the wandering hi I can tell you have Brothers a lot of 'cause. They start it immediately. At 80 or non. Thanks for your call thank you we didn't seem very much I have a great day and 7:7 morning. Good morning. Once you start. Play what I heard that aren't true don't even. So no sport is going to want to travel. Got curiosity. Killed the exactly and that's I don't I don't apple app app Matt yeah the. I was paralyzed and are rhymes years ago this he's the Seattle little lamb I don't know what are we don't. Grab. 977 has everybody talking on the morning wake up when KJ yankees' yeah. Game one and six of ten on Boston's number one priority.