Comedian Eddie Griffin with KJ and Kesha Pt.1

Friday, September 8th


Eddie talks about his Boston show and what it's like having children 30 years apart!

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Teacher he's a legend he's the undercover brother. He's the one that when he did Michael Jackson sniff been onstage. He turned everybody into a rage ladies and gentlemen. Let's end. The. Yeah yeah. All right he'll be here September 8 this Friday night. At the Berkeley theater and it's gonna be alive taping correct. Yes yes yes patty makes the live taping different from just like a regular show is there any difference. You might want aggressive plan could show where it'll be okay have. Good morning good news specials so you don't need to have their wreck because you don't each rep correctly put elbow wow how. You know what she is made eight get you on the front row they've hit the with DS in the ankles and everything right. They have them they live in a little like you can kiss and product don't Mets. And used to being. Is it better than I do think they have a I am not got to admit. I miss hearing your voice it's like I haven't seen you on a wild where have you been in what have you been up to. Well I've been quite busy. Normally that same cult fatherhood could have some really into. Souls Robin busy making sure they're my key is know exactly who made any. How does your oldest old those loans totaled 33 Democrats where so I was now one and hey congratulations. Loan notice. And how does your youngest 33 is the only reason this bridge over there you go and so how do you manage that I mean wouldn't take advantage that he. Like this is a business because it's how you manage having children. How you manage you know responsible adult. What can you tell could do that.