Bleep Bleep Bleep!

Tuesday, September 12th


KJ and Kesha are discussing some of the back to school fashions from the 80's. Kesha reveals that she wore something that KJ claims isn't from the 80's!

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Miss a moment of the morning wake up with a KGA teacher he should do you remember. What your fashion line that would be as I found a list of he. Eighties fashions. Okay for especially for back to school. There's one thing that I remember from back in the eighties had a pair of work in Mindy suspenders. Oh. Oh you busted me and true impact. 617562. Old guys that have been on this list all these different eighty's fashion that people have like you have a. The more you any suspenders of rainbow would have liked beloved book of the finger pointing to the left. All man I do remember what you're talking about if she didn't have a fair I didn't have put him in the news lately seventies has been. These do you. What had been set almighty god I have had to go there are gonna have a global you have power of right I'm. How about this. Shortage. Jeans. Where you know are dashed vote. There you go 6175620977. U member you clown me one day about Coca-Cola fashion. I clown you can't have a Coca-Cola shirt that threatened that there are clown you about that that was the low. So what were some of the fashion that you remember from the eighties. Morgan may be came out in 78 but it went through 1980 sing this for the record. And I. Think it's perfectly. 977 has everybody talking on the morning wake up with KJ yankees should. Day one and six of ten on Boston's number one priority.