Bet You Won't Wear A Romper KJ!

Thursday, May 18th


KJ is discussing his displeasure to Kesha about the Boston Celtics perfromance in game one of the Eastern Conference Finals. KJ asks Kesha to intervene on his behalf with Afternoon Personality Chris Malone (who made the bet with KJ). Kesha is in no hurry to help KJ get out of wearing an all green male romper outfit!

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It's a moment of the morning wake up what Kasey teacher so yesterday remember army to bet all eyes clearly statement. That I believe that these Celtics not only will win against the cavs but they'll go into the NBA finals and beat the Golden State Warriors. Chris Malone looked at me like I was crazy. In fact these civil what are you willing to do I'll tell you what let me come up with something. If you lose the bet. Oh god so moved robbers that have been popping up all over your social media feed your last couple days. Came into the equation. A green romper. Writing this featuring. On the Green Line. Singing R&B songs. Courses at each stop. In Iraq if the Celtics lose if the Celtics lose last night did not help. Thank Jamie we go to bed early last night because. I could not picture myself with a robber. Scoffing at Cleveland circle Derrek Lee was certainly my way goalie and things. R&B songs at each stop. I read your health day you gotta talk Chris forming. Who you talk them through May all yet and it thanks thanks so much for going out on the web. John King argued he. I need my I need you to go to Chris NC this kind of street no I mean it sounds like the Fed has already been made where you need to meet you do I can't do anything about it. Except pray that it's Celtics point and that's that's that's the best I can do it sounded so encouraging used to raise the Celtics I mean they're gonna win. They're gonna win definitely gonna win you gotta have my back and as a McConnell wire a green romper short six. Want to see trees that you hardly songs. Going down the tree line and hopefully it sounds like something that you would do anyway that's a 977 has everybody talking on the morning wakeup weather KJ yankees' yeah. Day morning sixty day on Boston's number one priority.