Baby Please..I Took You To See Batman!

Friday, March 17th


Kesha thinks KJ is incredibly corny when reminiscing over his first kiss after the song triggers an odd response!

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Miss a moment of the morning wakeup what's Casey teacher Kathy Saint Patrick's Day you know land deal I'm gonna ask you probably two or three more times an audience of Bernama persistent guy. You know everybody's Irish today you give me yes but how well what we she said it would seem off and gumption. We're talking about that song that reminds you of that first kiss that first love since today is Saint Patrick's Day. Spreading the love and well since usual can you tell you take me back to my days here. Oh yeah. That right there. W laughter. Actively seek. Please. Jessica Simpson. No tennis you're my lips puckered up when he pleaded. And that muscle memory. I think you guys experienced problems it's got big greatest moments on the broadcast any time at studies that are pretty dark.