Are You Gonna Take That..In Front Of Me?!?

Tuesday, October 10th


A caller thinks she knows an answer to one of the little lies that are actually bigger lies. When she receives the final answer, she has an "ah ha' moment!

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Miss a moment of the morning wakeup what's KJ and teach. Iraqis. As put together this list of people just said in a survey these are some of the most and least severe. Light lie. What do you think they are 6175620977. It. I am not really not a girlfriend and upper. Arm on and I helped him. But you know that's that's considered a severe line would you not admit. Yeah replies yeah that's not like you know hey I didn't I didn't steel Europe and that it adds a total different categories we have eight time mob girl who are. No matter and I did a great. Would you know what the number one answer considered a light light that actually severe that I think he's actually severe you know number one. Wait it out on birth control. All at this early out you know. It. Up Democrats want to sit there and Logitech until 8 o'clock at night we are. Game is series. You know we're six dollars. In the bathroom to. You about right. And I Everyman. I don't while it teaches you to give back the ninth grade health. Now. I would hope it's about. So. All carried out what it might think all right take care regular so near the top five. One and you're the first person I've ever done this with him. I've heard that. And otherwise are always wash my hands after using the bathroom. 977 has everybody talking on the morning wakeup weather KG each weekday morning six to ten on Boston's number one priority.