Always Remember To.....

Thursday, October 5th


A caller SHOCKS KJ and Kesha when he reveals how an outside gamble left him with an inside debt..for life!

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Some mornings I wake up what's JJ. Johnson is calamity and a new one and she's excited he's got a woman though himself. They've been together for careers of three year old daughter together and Donovan wants to know if you've been trying to find out more about his new woman is there anything wrong with that do that we think can. Good cooler I think you've got I'd be ebitda and it's why I've been in a relationship well fourteen years. I bought the name and my wife was grateful. You know we got beautiful Jensen. I bought somebody got out today she really might lose all of that was. The grass tournaments like are we. Well this. Cheap yeah I'll have my name but she don't. Well we don't know what yeah I'd just say right now you know people sometimes don't appreciate what these. And so they do it from the kids get rid of a wok pretty walk out your door for it. How exactly it very. Dovish outlook. Nobody but me you know what relationship. But work a lot of work in back off on all mailman. You know I mean right. But in order that may not written durable call you jade need to get. Out and got a cheap. You now. And I'm sane it sound like a damn episode of scared straight right. But you don't. Need more law. And it guilty. And I hear you you will we wish you luck in your hand your your future there and we appreciate you calling to share that at that question what. You're here I'll hang on so much for the call yeah thanks for the call we appreciate it thanks to listen into the station and. You got the best judgment day. Well. While the of price cut until it. I'm a little now for traffic almost shook. You might my mouth just dropped open but I thought that I think to myself yeah he's he's right you write in yet and and go back like that. 977 has everybody talking on the morning wakeup weather KJ yankees' yeah. Game one and six of ten on Boston's number one priority.