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Market your products or services to one of Greater Boston’s most desirable—and underserved—consumer groups!

The Boston Metro area is home to more than 380,000 African-Americans.  All totaled, they spend close to $6 Billion on goods and services annually.  Finally, they have a radio station created just for them, The New 97.7 RnB!

Our crystal-clear, HD FM signal blankets the most racially-diverse neighborhoods of Boston including Mattapan, Dorchester, Roxbury and Hyde Park plus Downtown Boston itself, one of America’s best educated, most progressive and innovative cities.  According to Nielsen, our Urban Adult Contemporary sound is the most-listened to radio format among Black persons in the 35-44, 45-54, 55-64 and 65+ age cells.  It’s the ideal, family-friendly, positive advertising environment to showcase whatever you have to sell: cars to concert tickets, furniture to fast food, groceries, mortgages, health and wellness, financial planning, legal services and much more.

Put our live-and-local Boston personalities to work for you as they endorse your brand to their large and loyal listening audience.  From on-air radio endorsements to social media, on-site appearances and digital streaming, 97.7 RnB personalities are trusted, credible spokespeople for your business, and advertising with us is surprisingly affordable….and effective.

Learn more about the passion, persuasion and penetration of local radio and what it can do to grow your customer base.  Contact Denise diLuca, General Sales Manager for The New 97.7, at 617-779-3590, or click here.