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S(h)ay It Isn't So

Dr. Phil Had Me Saying "Oh yeah..I forgot about THAT!"

May 17, 2017

Did you see the interview that Aaron Hernandez' fiancee' Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez had with Dr. Phil?

I was on a treadmill at one of those gyms with multiple TVs..you know where you can plug your headphones in..but nobody ever does..

Until I saw Dr. Phil ask (in so many words) "That large bag you were seen moving on the video tape, you mean to tell me you never opened to see what was in it?"

Dr. Phil made me say "Oh Yeahhhh, that bag!"

I then turned the treadmill incline down so that I could still move and yet continue to be riveted by the exchange:


If you haven't seen the exchange, see it here!

I returned the treadmill incline back to 4.0 after seeing this!