The Robin Hood Theory

..and Robin is not a girl!

September 13, 2017

Right before my oldest daughter went off to college this semester, she was ADAMANT about getting her iPhone updated from a 6s to a 7.

While we did have the standard father-daughter "did you really need a new phone, with all the things you need for school" exchange that almost every parent has with their growing kid. She's handled her payments just fine and put together a good plan that works. I'm proud of her in that regard.

Her crusty dad (me) is still excited about his upgrade from a 4s to a 6s..and will keep it for a while.

Yesterday, the earth kinda shook when apple released the iPhone 8, 8s, and the X (to celebrate ten years of the iPhone).


To use the words of the late Boston rap star Keithy E (Guru):

"This is my Robin Hood Theory"..

The trick is if you have an even numbered iPhone, your upgrade should be an even number(for me 4s to 6s to...oh mannn)

Maybe I should ask my daughter how she handles that plan..that 7 isn't looking too bad right now!