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The Spiritual Experience of 2017 March For Babies

May 16, 2017

I took the D train to Arlington Saturday morning.

I had about 4-5 hours of sleep the night before because the Friday night event I was part of ended at 12:30 am in Quincy. I got home around 1 am.

On weekends, I can't sleep past 8 am.

As I got off at Arlington, I thought "At least it isn't hot and the walk won't cause me to sweat too much"

When I crossed the footbridge and entered the Hatch Shell on the esplanade, I was astounded! The amount of people who were already there nearly an hour before the March For Babies began was incredible! 

At our tent:

That's Ron and Jay

Ron said it would be no problem finding where we were located. What happened in the next 3 hours was amazing.

People of all walks, all ages, and with plenty of smiles came by our tent to tell us how much 97.7 has meant to them over the last 4 months. 


To understand how much this day and the walk meant to me...

I was late getting to Fenway Park...and didn't think twice about fact, I left the game early..the Sox got the win!

That's what Boston does.