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I Got My Fingers Crossed

This Movie CAN'T Be Over!

October 9, 2017

When the Sox returned from the disastrous games in Houston, there was this feeling of "ok, at least there will a game at home"...

Then came the explosion, and I thought "After EVERYTHING that happened this year, this movie CAN'T end yet!"

It's supposed to be the Sox vs Yanks and all that talk of we'll see each other in October..

Or getting another shot at Tito Francona..a chance to put  our tough grit into their "Cleveland's time is now kool aid" and give them that bitter taste..

This team worked so hard to address the "life after Big Pappi" storyline that's been the undertone all season..despite leading the division for almost the enitre season..

What about the 19 inning game that prevented the Yanks from getting any closer..

Or Chris Sale striking out anything like Pedro did at his peak?

This can't end just yet..not until we see those Yanks or those mistakes by the Lake (ok, that's all in jest there)..

This team has overcome so much both on and off the field that we've earned that shot at the pennant.

Remember Johnny Damon's Grand Slam?!?

I do.

Let's Go Sox!