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Toni Braxton Shows Off Her Hair and Talks Birdman

July 16, 2017

Toni Braxton took to social media to show off her new blonde hair and announced to her fans that she is ready for summer.

She is now sporting mid-back length sandy beach blonde hair with bangs swept to the side.

For most of this year Toni was rocking shaved sides and long braids on the top, and she appears to love the change!

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The mother of two, who is wearing a blue sweater, captioned the photo: “Back to blonde for the summer, whatchya guys think?”

Thousands of fans of the former “Dancing with the Stars” contestant / R&B Vocalist decided to answer her question. Many of them asked her to ditch the black hair for good because she is sexier and looks more youthful as a blonde.

One person said: “You look good girl! Your complexion goes well with most colors.”

Another fan brought up Braxton’s boyfriend rapper and music mogul, Bryan Williams aka "Birdman".

Speaking of which, in a recent episode of “Braxton Family Values,” Toni and her sister, Towanda, had a long conversation and she revealed that she would love to marry Birdman.

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Braxton confessed: “B called me the other day, yesterday actually, and he was just like, ‘T, I want you to hang out with me, whatever it is, let’s just do something.’ I have anxiety and bubbles in my tummy and stuff. I do not know what’s going on with me.”

Of course we know the B she is referring to is Birdman!

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She went on to say: “You ever been scared to be happy? I have not been happy in a long time outside of work. Work brings me extreme happiness. When I am on stage, and I am performing, that is the only time that I get those butterflies, and I feel totally happy with my life. A romantic relationship? I have not had time for that — I should say, I chose not to make time for it, but it is right here in front of my face: Happiness!”

She concluded: “It is the weirdest thing. Ten years ago, I never would’ve imagined me and B would be here. Who knows, this could be a great love affair.”

Birdman has already gifted Toni Braxton with a Bentley and we all know that doesn't come cheap!
Toni’s mother, Evelyn Braxton, has already given the pair her blessing. Could there be a wedding coming soon?

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