Pregnant Beyonce Shows Off Her Baby Bump

May 18, 2017

Beyoncé took to Instagram to show off her baby bump, as you can see she is ready to drop at any moment!

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A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

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You may remember Beyoncé announced her pregnancy with twins back in February. Judging by the recent pictures it seems as though she is further along than what many people think. If you're like the rest of her fans you're probably wondering when she is due to give birth to her twins?

In typical Beyonce style, the star is keeping the due date of her babies under wraps for the time being.

Shortly after the babies were announced in February, she was reportedly 14 weeks pregnant – which would be just over the three month mark.

As her bump continues to get bigger, it has been assumed by her latest pics she is six to seven months along – but as she is expecting twins is it more difficult than usual to judge by the size of her baby bump. It is expected that her babies will arrive sometime in the early summer.

Beyoncé married her husband Jay-Z back in 2008 and are parents to a five-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy.
We will be watching this closely and will report any developments so don't believe all the false reports of her already giving birth.

The question most are wondering is what will she choose for names? I think it's safe to say Becky won't be one of them!