Model Says She's Pregnant With Drake's Baby

April 18, 2017

It's been a crazy week for Drake!
His house got broken into by a 24-year-old woman that was found inside the home wearing one of Drakes hoodies. She claimed she had permission to be inside but she didn’t. While she was inside she enjoyed some non-alcoholic drinks.

Go big or go home. And in this case she went home…. with a felony charge!

That's just the icing on the cake....Another woman claims she is pregnant from the rapper!
An Instagram model named Layla Lace is coming for rapper Drake, claiming he knocked her up and then stopped taking her calls.

The former stripper has blasted Drake on social media, calling him disrespectful and a 'fake nice guy.'

This is the model accusing Drake:


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Layla apparently decided to air the dirty laundry after Drake ignored her following the pregnancy news. Some people weren't buying her story and the model decided to share text messages between herself and Drake, bashing the rapper for pretending to be a good guy and calling him disrespectful. 

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