Mary J's Homewrecker Tried To Break Up Another Couple

May 15, 2017

New rumors have surfaced surrounding singer-songwriter Starshell, Mary J. Blige’s former protégée, who was allegedly having an affair with her husband manager Kendu Isaacs. According to a report, Starshell was trying to hook up with NBA baller LeBron James!

It appears that Starshell had her sights set on LeBron shortly after he tied the knot with his high school sweetheart back in 2014. Starshell reportedly sat herself in the section of seats reserved for the player's family members in a playoff game against the Nets at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

An insider said the 28-year-old singer was cheering on LeBron loudly and had 'LeBron' painted on her nails. “In theory, you could say she was a fan, but security brought her down to the floor and the back area after the game was over. That doesn’t happen for fans, she was very decked out — the hair, the makeup, etc.

Starshell was then spotted hanging out where LeBron was in New York and at the Heat games in Miami. However, the insider didn't actually come out and say LeBron was cheating on his wife with the singer. The source just noted they were friends so we'll leave it up to you to decide!

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Mary remained quiet on the reason behind her split with Kendu at first, but the singer confirmed that the young singer had been hooking up with her husband in her VH1 documentary "Strength of a Woman.”

Blige is shown talking with Ne-Yo about her failed marriage to Kendu and called out Starshell. However, Starshell's name was bleeped out in the documentary. 

The singer said, "All these years have come to this, like, you didn’t even pick me, you picked somebody else. That [expletive> is humiliating. It hurt real bad. But… they got beds, we gotta lay in it.”

Blige told Ne-Yo, who is producing songs on her album, "And just so we’re clear… Do not let her anywhere near what you’re doing for me, because she’s the reason for all of this [expletive>. That’s my Becky with the good hair!”

Starshell reportedly denied the affair allegations in the VH1 Mary J. Blige documentary, saying, “This is absolutely not true.”