The Final Moments Of Facebook Killer Steve Stephens

April 18, 2017

Facebook killer Steve Stephens went into the McDonald's drive-thru on Buffalo Road in Erie, PA to order a 20 piece chicken nugget and large fry. When he pulled up to the window one of the workers recognized him as the man who brutally gunned down Robert Godwin, Sr. on Easter Sunday. The worker took his money and has he pulled up to the next window he immediately notified management to call police. Quick thinking employees at the second window gave him his nuggets and made it seem that the fries weren't ready so they could buy some time until police could come and catch him.

According to the restaurant's manager, Stephens must have caught on because he said forget the fries he had to go, and he drove off without the fries. It was just enough time for cops to get on his tail.

Steve Stephens was involved in a high-speed police chase shortly afterward, before committing suicide in his car.