Boston Celtics Star Isaiah Thomas' Sister Dead After Horrific Crash

April 16, 2017

Boston Celtics star Isaiah Thomas’ sister died in a car crash early Saturday.

Chyna Thomas, 22, was killed on I-5 in Washington state around 5am when her car veered off the road. She was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

A witness told police that Chyna Thomas was driving her 1998 Toyota Camry “normally” but all of a sudden the vehicle began moving “very casually” onto the shoulder of the main highway.

Chyna Thomas’ car drifted nearly 50 feet before hitting a barrier on the side of the roadway and landing on a metal poll.

Authorities believe she may have fallen asleep at the wheel, and police report she was not wearing a seat belt.

He was notified of his sister’s death following the Celtics’ afternoon practice when Celtics teammate Avery Bradley, who is also from Washington state, pulled Isaiah Thomas away from an interview with a reporter and into a trainer’s room to tell him the horrific news.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Isaiah Thomas and his family during this difficult time.

The Celtics are scheduled to play the Chicago Bulls on tonight in the NBA Playoffs. There is no word yet if Isaiah Thomas will participate in the game.