8 Year Old Boy Drives Little Sister To McDonald's For A Chesseburger

April 13, 2017

In Ohio, an 8 year old boy and his 4 year old sister really wanted McDonalds, but both of their parents had fallen asleep.

What did they do? They grabbed their dad’s car keys and drove themselves!

According to police, not only did the boy make it all the way to McDonalds with his sister riding shotgun, but he did it perfectly! The vehicle the boy drove was also a huge, one-ton van.

Police Officer Jacob Koehler explained:

“It was remarkable. He got him and his sister to McDonald’s without hitting anything or running any red lights.”

How was the kid able to accomplish this at his age?

Police explained that the boy and his sister looked up YouTube videos on how to drive a car, and the boy stood the entire drive in order to reach the pedals.

Employees at the restaurant assumed it was a prank when they saw the children pull up at the drive-thru, but eventually the police were eventually called when a customer in the restaurant recognized the kids.

Also, perhaps due to the amazing driving skills of the boy, no charges are being filed.

See video below: